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Where is the outrage at the treatment of the FLDS children?

Reading with horror about how small children are being separated from their parents and how siblings are being separated from each other by as much as hundreds of miles, with no sense of an end to this banishment, I keep asking, “What is the crime?” and “Who are the criminals?”

Who are the criminals in this case? Certainly not the children who are being horrifically punished and abused through separation from their mothers, siblings and friends. Certainly not the women who are themselves the victims of abuse by the men they are forced to marry.

I see two distinct criminal activities in this case and neither involves the women and children. The first crime is the subjugation of women by the few men who rule the FLDS. The second crime involves the actions taken by the government in breaking up families and wreaking havoc in the lives of innocent children.

Rather than splitting up children and mothers, why doesn?t the government simply remove the men from the compound? The children would thus be protected without emotional trauma.

One reads every day about how the social services system in this country attempts to allow even seriously impaired parents continue to parent because they deem a parent raising a child in the home is better than a child being raised by a stranger.

So why is the social justice system working in a perverse way in this case? Is the ‘crime’ of polygamy so heinous that women and children should be separated from each other? And why are the media ? television and print ? so silent on the enormity of horrific treatment of the children? What a travesty of justice!

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